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Ageless Startup / CAE - reviews, interviews, podcasts, and articles - during the pandemic

I am using this post to gather media links since the book was published. This is a sample of reviews, interviews, podcasts, and articles - during the pandemic

Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age.
Rick Terrien
Entrepreneur Press. April 2020.

The Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs
A peer-to-peer network for experienced entrepreneurs.
Business driven. Non-profit managed.
Co-founder. Executive Director.


Carl Schramm, former president of the Kauffman Foundation:

"Entrepreneurship provides an exciting new career for millions of older Americans, one they would never have anticipated growing up in a world that presumed people’s work life would end at 65. Rick Terrien has provided a fabulous roadmap on how to approach this new chapter in life. His brilliant 'Ageless Startup' is a handbook for how to shape your future so your most rewarding work lies ahead — work that benefits you and makes a difference in the lives of countless others. A must for career planning for anyone over forty!

Carl Schramm, former president of the Kauffman Foundation, author of Burn the Business Plan, serial entrepreneur, active venture investor, and University Professor at Syracuse.

“The book provides a roadmap to kick starting an entrepreneurial journey at any age. It offers tips and insight into entrepreneurship and contains interviews with past Purpose Prize Winners and Fellows. The book embodies the core mission of the Purpose Prize."

"Rick Terrien is a 2015 Purpose Prize Fellow and an entrepreneur repeatedly recognized for innovation excellence. He spent his career building creative business solutions to address societal problems. He received the 'Fast 50 Award' from Fast Company, the United States Small Business New Product of the Year Award. And now, he can add ‘author’ to his list of accomplishments."

Media: Podcasts, articles, and interviews


Dec, 2021 Book Chapter: Models for Regenerative Sustainability - Rick Terrien. Starting Up Smarter: Why Founders Over 50 Build Better Companies Dr. Mary Cronin, Boston College

Dec 3, 2021 Podcast interview – Grow Money - Business Podcast

Dec 9, 2021 Presentation – Stanford Longevity Center Annual Century Summit: Ageless Entrepreneurship in New Economy, Stanford University

Dec 17, 2021 Podcast interview – All About You. (Valencia, Spain)

Not yet published:

Nov 29, ,2021 Podcast interview – No Labels.


Nov 18, 2021 Live interview – The Pirate Syndicate: Ageless Startup – Rick Terrien Video: Audio:

Oct 21, 2021 Human Capital Innovations: Why the Narrative about Older Workers Is Upside Down with Rick Terrien. video:

Oct 26, 2021 Embark on Your Third Act: Ageless Startup – Rick Terrien Audio: Scroll to Fall 2021. My interview starts ~ 11:20

Oct 14, 2021 Third Act Quest – Live Storytelling: Ageless Startup – Rick Terrien Not yet posted

Oct 7, 2021 Interstellar Business Show – The Enormous Overlooked Talent Pool: Talent Opportunity of Biz Veterans – Rick Terrien --- Podcast:

Sept 28, 2021 ValueVerse: Start Your Real Career – Ageless Startup – Rick Terrien Podcast:

July 20, 2021 Clarity and Purpose: Your Entrepreneurial Journey at Any Age – Rick Terrien Podcast:

June 25, 2021 Coffee, Lunch, Beer: The Ageless Entrepreneur – Rick Terrien Podcast:

June 21, 2021 Entrepreneurs Over 40 – Rick Terrien Podcast:

June 4, 2021 Money On My Mind: Mastering The Ageless Startup with Rick Terrien (Muscat, Oman) Podcast: Podcast:

May 11, 2021 B++. Entrepreneurship with Abhii Dabas (Singapore) Podcast: Not yet posted

Apr 2, 2021 Kickass Boomers: Now Is Your Time to Take Action – Rick Terrien Podcast:

Mar 26, 2021 Webinar presentation – Bloom. (Canada) Webinar:

Feb 23, 2021 Webinar presentation – Founders Over 55 Webinar:

Oct 12, 2020 Review – Skip Prichard. Ageless Startup: Start an enterprise that represents your values, your goals, and your legacy. Review:

Sept 18, 2021 Callum Connects: A peer-to-peer business development network for people in the second half of life. Podcast:

Aug 20, 2020 Exit Coach Radio: Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Second Half of Life with Rick Terrien Podcast:

Aug 12, 2020 The Podcast with Cameron Tousi – Covid-19 to Decimate Employment for 45 to 64 Year-Olds. Answer: Entrepreneurship – with Rick Terrien Podcast:

Aug 3, 2020 Unobatanium with Oz Kahn. How Do You Achieve A business Startup at Any Age? With Rick Terrien Podcast:

July 19, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. Author CV at Entrepreneur. Link:

July 16, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. Transitioning Older Workers Into New Opportunities Doesn't Have to Be Hard. Rick Terrien. Article:

July 13, 2020 The Author Inside You: Working With a Professional Publisher – Rick Terrien. (Most downloaded interview of the year) Podcast:

July 9, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. Older Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Working From Home. Rick Terrien. Article:

June 23, 2020 CT Expert Insights. It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Business – Rick Terrien Podcast:

June 2020 Inc. Magazine. Why Now Is the Time to Have a Second Career as an Entrepreneur Article:

June 12, 2020 School for Startups Radio – Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age – Rick Terrien Podcast: Audio:

June 4, 2012 Entrepreneur Magazine. Market Optimization Is the Way to Boost Your Late- Career Startup – Rick Terrien Article:

May 29, 2020 Market Watch – This entrepreneur says you’re never too old to launch your own startup, even in this economy: How to bootstrap a new business in midlife or in retirement – even in a pandemic. Article:

May 27, 2020 Strategy Driven: Older Workers – An Opportunity Created from Danger – Rick Terrien Article:

May 27, 2020 Boomer Bloomer – Real Wisdom people can learn and earn by." "A visionary and award-winning writer." – Rick Terrien. Podcast:

May 26, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. It's Never Too Late: How to Start Your Own Business at Any Age – Rick Terrien Webinar:

May 23, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. Older Workers Must Be Proactive About Their Future – Rick Terrien Article:

May 20, 2020 Forbes. Advice For Ageless Startups, Even in A Pandemic. How to bootstrap a business in midlife or in retirement. – Rick Terrien. Article:

May 20, 2020 Next Avenue. People think it’s scary to start a business. In my opinion, it’s much scarier NOT to start your own business. Article:

May 12, 2020 Succession Stories. Ageless Startup: Next generation Entrepreneurship Rick Terrien Podcast:

May 12, 2020 The Feed (Canada) – Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age – Rick Terrien. Podcast:

May 11, 2020 Live radio Interview – Mary Jane Pop. KAHI Radio, Sacramento, CA – Rick Terrien. Interview:

May 5, 2020 Live radio Interview – Doug Wagner. WMT Radio. Cedar Rapids, IA. Interview:

April 30, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. The 3-Step Strategy to Help You Determine Your Business Mission, Values, and Goals. Rick Terrien. Article:

April 16, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. The 2 Systems You Need to Set Up for Startup Success. One involves people; the other, finances. But both are essential to run your business effectively. Rick Terrien. Article:

April 9, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. Laying the Groundwork for Your Ageless Startup. Find out what first steps you need to take to maximize potential. Rick Terrien Article:

April 2, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. Starting a Business That People Need. Businesses succeed by solving real problems. Here's how to determine what problems you can solve to make your new business a success. Rick Terrien. Article:

Mar 26, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. 26 Questions to Help You Decide If a Late-in-Life Business Is Right for You. Rick Terrien Article:

Mar 21 2020 Association Now – Running a New Organization? Take it Slow. – Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age. Article:

Mar 19, 2020 Interview with EntreEd: The National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education: Starting a Business at Any Age – Rick Terrien Interview:

Mar 12, 2020 Entrepreneur Magazine. The 3-Step Startup Journey. Get each of these steps right, and you just might have a successful business on your hands. Rick Terrien. Article:

Connecting to the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs / CAE


I'm helping launch the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs / CAE, with my cofounder Dr. John Golden. 

The mission of the CAE is to support entrepreneurs in the second half of life.  We are business driven and nonprofit managed.  Our model is peer-to-peer.  

We are just opening up.   I'm looking forward to what we can build together.  

Reconnecting SustainableWork

Greetings once again. 

What a vital time to apply sustainable work to the problems in the world.

Since  I last posted, my book was published.   

The book is called Ageless Startup.  Start a Business at Any Age.  I'll link the book at the end.  It earned some wonderful testimonials.  Interviews with other ageless entrepreneurs throughout the book inspire me.  I got to focus on big picture ideas as well as including 'to do' lists.  I had a great editor and publisher.

This book emerged directly from this blog.  

I'm very proud of this book.  It was released in April of 2020 - just as the pandemic emerged globally. 

I've also helped co-found the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs, a 5001c3 non-profit building the infrastructure ageless entrepreneurs need to grow.  I'll save that for a separate post.

April 2022 will be the 17th anniversary of this SustainableWork blog. 

I'm looking forward to posting here as time allows.  Let's see what comes next!


Amazon site for Ageless Startup.

-- Rick Terrien, 12-2021