Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Killer Innovations

I've wanted to recommend a great podcast specific to the subject of innovation. It's presented by Phil McKinney at a site called Killer Innovations (linked below). I like Phil's site very much. A no BS style from someone who's done it. Phil works for a global top tier tech firm but presents his approach in a way that start ups and early stagers can readily feel comfortable learning from.

In fact, Phil's job is so cool, we've all got to stay away from talking about it. You can get his bio in PDF as well as his Google links from the KI site. Go there. You'll learn something, I promise.

I was getting so many good ideas from Phil's podcasts I started to feel a bit like the person on their 5th trip through the buffet line, not that I have any experience...

I asked Phil why a guy in his position would be so free with his advice and wisdom.

Interesting. He didn't promote himself or any of his projects. He answered with a pretty cool perspective we're all capable of. "...we all have day jobs but at the same time, if each of us can give a little back - the world will be a better place."

Damn. Not more of that building up the commons stuff.

Phil's busy. But he's making time to give something back.

You're busy. But you can also give something back. You can innovate. You can change the way something gets done for the better.

You can start up your own enterprise. You can design it to support yourself and to give something back at the same time. There's nothing incompatible about that. You just need to plan it right.

Phil is a good teacher and an honest presenter. Go get smart about innovation from someone who has clearly been through it.

Visit Killer Innovations.

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