Saturday, October 01, 2005

Leave a wake.

Inc. Magazine Oct. 2005

Inc. just ran an interesting cover story. 75 Reasons to Be Glad You're an American Entrepreneur Right Now, written by Michael S. Hopkins.

It's a good perspective for anyone considering an entrerprise life. Some points won't fit you of course, but like all biz writing, if you come away with one or two things that work for you, it's worth it.

My take away piece closes the story... (pieces separated for emphasis)

"Because, in the end, being an entrepreneur is more than ever the way you can choose your path and find the deep satisfaction of walking it.

You can earn your days without being beholden.

You can make something, affect the world, leave something behind where once nothing stood.

You can turn work into meaning for yourself and for others.

You can be proud.

You can leave a wake.

Come good or ill, you can assume responsibility for yourself, and be whole and be who you were meant to be."

Well said. You can do this friend. Don't wait. Fire it up.

Plan, organize, execute.

Leave a wake.

Inc. Magazine article by Michael S. Hopkins

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