Saturday, February 04, 2006

Get out there and screw up

Get out there and screw up

Nothing should ever be considered "done" in you enterprise life.

If it is, so are you.

One thing is always certain. Your first attempts at enterprise certainly won't be your best.

I don't care if you're starting a convent in Calcutta, building out a non-profit venture or launching into your own biz.

Start ups can be scary from a zillion directions, but one of the biggest is admitting that you might screw it up.

Guess what? Good! You tried something hard and you found a break point. Now you know something the average bear doesn't.

Economic value and sustainability come from information, experience and judgement.

Fail in small ways again, and again and again. Look carefully for what it teaches you. Search out the wisdom of setbacks as much as victories.

You can only get sustainable by knowing what doesn't work.

Get out there and screw up. Charge!

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SWriter said...

This post is inspirational, because there have been so many things I haven't tried because I thought I'd screw up. I hope you keep up this blog up.