Thursday, October 04, 2007

Favre alone in the shotgun

I've tried to keep these posts tied to entrepreneurship and will continue to do that.

But I'm a Wisconsin guy and one of us, Brett Favre, last weekend set an NFL career touchdown record. 422 Touchdown passes. Bret has many other notable records embedded in this statistic.

What is most impressive is what those of us in Wisconsin have known to love about the guy. When all hell is breaking loose, when nothing is going right, when everything is lined up against the Green Bay Packers, they call one play.

It's the most dangerous offense any competitors could face for the last decade or so, and your thinly veiled entrepreneurship lesson.

The play they call... Brett Favre alone in the shotgun.

They tell everyone on the team to support the playmaker, and let him do his thing.

The playmaker accepts maximum personal risk for the right to move the game forward at their disgression.

Favre alone in the shotgun.

That's you.

Records are there for your taking, so long as you work and train like a fanatic and show up for every detail and follow up on every possibility in real time.

Brett was typically humble in breaking this records, as you need to be for every accomplishment you achieve.

But while being humble and doing everything right, please think of yourself as an entrepreneur in this picture....

Favre alone in the shotgun.

Congratulations from all of us on a great carreer and great mentoring Brett.

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