Friday, January 16, 2009

What you will be remembered by

A pair of great new friends from Mineral Point asked me to be their guest at an economic forecasting lunch, keynoted by our Governor, Jim Doyle, and Dr. Charles L. Evans, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and a member of the Federal Open Market Committee.

Dr. Evans prefaced his remarks by saying that the theme of the day reminded him of a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young concert. It was opened by Steven Stills saying they were going to do a song by Neil Young. It would start pretty gloomy and then take everyone down from there.

In his remarks, Dr. Evans certainly channeled Neil Young.

These posts are about entrepreneurship, personal economic security, the contributions you can make, and enjoying the process.

These posts are about using your gifts to solve problems.

As I listened to Dr. Evans from the Fed talk about how difficult it will be to dig out of this mess, I kept thinking about all the meaningful ways that small scale, sustainable entrepreneurship can contribute to the solutions needed.

What would I say if I had to offer the most concise call to action I could muster to motivate these new entrepreneurs? How could I help define the roles we most need in the next economy?

Then I remembered a quote from Tom Peters (Second post in a row quoting Tom!) which fit perfectly:

"Take advantage of tough times to realize that in the long haul you will be remembered for your humanity, not your net worth."

That's the entrepreneurship I know and love. Creating solutions. Solving problems. Growing your contributions. Do that and the rest will follow.

These are awful times. Awful times will come again, as will good times and everything in between. Creating new enterprises with the goal of strengthening the communities you live in will strengthen your own humanity.

Go get it, friend

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