Friday, February 13, 2009

Quit your day job, with creative peers

Do you know Etsy?

It's one of my favorite enterprise stories out there. They are set up to launch you as a creative entrepreneur in ways that are remarkably easy and fun to get involved with. Etsy is a platform you can launch a creative/knowledge based enterprise from and market globally from wherever you are, literaly and figuratively.

Etsy now has a new section called 'Quit Your Day Job'. It highlights a number of folks who have used the Etsy platform to launch their enterprises.

You don't literally have to quit your day job to launch on Etsy. In fact that's the best part. You can market your own creative enterprise while you wean your way off day-job-life-support.

Etsy is a soft portal into entrepreneurship. Open the door, friend.

Quit Your Day Job. A wide range of Etsy entrepreneurs profiled. You can do this, friend.

Interview with an Etsy creative entrepreneur talking about nuts, bolts, and the opportunities of entrepreneurship.

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