Monday, October 26, 2009

"Find Heroes. Do Demos. Tell Stories."

As anyone who has read these post for a while knows, I am a really big fan of Tom Peters and his work in designing management structures and work policies that achieve results.

I have been reading Tom Peters for decades now. Tom writes for a more urban crowd I think. What I find really interesting is that as I move into rural economic development work I am finding many farmers and rural entrepreneurs who also embrace Tom's work.

Busy weekend doing economic development budgets. Lost the time for a proper post so I thought I would share a quote from Tom Peters that I read recently.

Here is a short summary of how to effectively approach enterprise. You don't need glitz, you need truth. Here it is:

"Find Heroes. Do Demos. Tell Stories."
--Tom Peters

You want to get into enterprise? You want to explore small business? You want to know what to do next? Do that.

Tom Peters site

Photo is from the really fun plant kaleidoscopes at Olbrich Botanical Gardens, one of my favorite board rooms

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