Saturday, January 23, 2010


Many people want to start their own enterprise but they never begin.

This is due to a variety of personal reasons of course. One very common reason I've seen over the years is that people just don't give themselves permission to try.

They are put off by all the language of commerce - market research and business plans and financing and on and on. It all sounds like too much to learn.

These planning steps are needed of course, especially as the organizations people plan grow more complex and expensive.

However, most people considering entering this fray can do a self-funded, slow startup with little or no money. You can also start your own enterprise in a way that you can fit into your own time schedule, if you have realistic expectations for growth.

That leaves only the fear of the unknown as the main reason people don't give themselves permission to try.

Give yourself that permission and take the first steps.

The only thing you have to lose - if you do this right - is your nagging feeling that you should have tried to start your own business.

Of course the first steps should be small steps. Some of them will be wrong. As long as they don't cost much money you will be smarter and better ready for the steps that come after that.

Do not give up on your dream of starting your own enterprise. There is lots of help available. There are mentors. There is training. There are free and low cost tools available that will connect you to knowledge, customers and possibilities almost without limit. This is the renaissance age of entrepreneurship, and it's just beginning.

Give yourself permission. You can do it.

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