Monday, June 28, 2010

Rules of Thumb for the Innovation Kitchen

The following text is borrowed directly from a really wonderful book I've posted about before, 'Rules of Thumb' by Alan Webber, Cofounder of Fast Company Magazine.

I've talked about the only way to do effective startups is to love what you do because you'll be spending extraordinary, I-can't-believe this-is-taking-so-long time together.

Alan Webber's book 'Rules of Thumb' says it better.

For the emerging group of food entrepreneurs we have coalescing around the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen, I'd like you to read this carefully and please take it to heart.

In fact, all entrepreneurs need to adopt this attitude to succeed.

I think the Innovation Kitchen has the potential to create a new, widely reproducible model for doing economic development.

What the Innovation Kitchen now needs are committed, inspired food entrepreneurs steeped in the wisdom of their craft, and in love with the pursuit of continuously getting better.

Fast Company magazine under Mr. Webber was one hell of an inspiration. I hope his words inspire you to start now, start smart but just start.

Following a description of false media images of fast track gurus-of-the-moment, Mr Webber offers the following, which I highly endorse.

Rule #44: When it comes to business, it helps if you actually know something about something.

"I have a slightly different model in mind.

It doesn't matter how old you are.

Start with something you feel passionate about. Don't think about getting rich. Think about something that you are driven to do. Something you would do even if it never made a dime.

Learn everything you can about your passion.

Read everything you can get your hands on. Find someone who knows more than you do and glue yourself to them. Start a collection that displays your passion. Surround yourself with artifacts, history, examples, everything you can find about the thing you want to master.

Keep going until you know more than anyone about the one thing you care more about than anyone."

Many of our best Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen entrepreneurs are on this path. It's an honor to walk with them.

Are you a family farm looking to create value added products? Are you a chef with a great idea for a year-round food line? Are you a food entrepreneur?

Join us on our walk. The Innovation Kitchen is open for business.

Alan Webber's Rules of Thumb

The Grand Opening of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen is July 11th in Mineral Point, WI.

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