Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sept. 25, 2010. Update 2. Local entrepreneur grows their business working in the Innovation Kitchen.

We’ve worked to make the Innovation Kitchen a platform for helping existing small food enterprises grow and create jobs.

It’s fun to see this emerging. Two of our four newly licensed Processing Partners are existing small family-based food businesses in Iowa County. The other two are also emerging small food businesses from neighboring counties.

The Innovation Kitchen is making it possible for these local foods entrepreneurs to step it up a notch without the financial risk of building their own facilities and all that entails.

Another great example emerged this week as my friend Julia from Atomic Ice in Mineral Point was able to take on a nice commercial catering contract because of the availability of the Innovation Kitchen as a work-space for she and her team.

We were both running in opposite directions when they were done, but Julia gave the experience rave reviews.

Thanks Julia - the food looked delicious!

Here is another great example of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen helping our existing small businesses innovate and grow jobs.

The great staff at the Innovation Kitchen can also make and ship innovative food products for food entrepreneurs and small food businesses based anywhere in the world.

The Innovation Kitchen is a great economic development story for our entire region. As more of our businesses discover the opportunities available through this amazing platform the better and better this story will get.


Would you like to help grow small food businesses? Spread the word!

Please send the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen link below to friends connected to the food business who may be looking for a way to innovate and expand their enterprise. Have we got a kitchen for them…

Tell a food friend. Thanks for your help!

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

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