Thursday, November 10, 2011

Innovation Kitchen partners at the Food and Wine Show. Post 3. Raw Dog Relish

I haven't talked to Mike since the Madison Food and Wine Show but his wonderful Raw Dog Relish booth was one of my favorite stories of the weekend.

Mike sold out faster than any other vendor at this year's Madison Food and Wine show. Amazing.

Don't worry fans of Raw Dog Relish.

Annette and her team at the Innovation Kitchen have already prepared more of Mike's great tasting line. You can get more from Raw Dog and also on sale at the Innovation Kitchen in Mineral Point.

We greatly appreciate Mike and Raw Dog's support for the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen. We look forward to helping your great new food enterprise grow and flourish.

Congratulations Mike and Raw Dog Relish!

Visit the Raw Dog Relish Facebook page. Great launch Mike!

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

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