Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Madison region is open for business! Startup Week/Weekend and our Capital Entrepreneurs.

I'm looking forward to sharing a presentation on food entrepreneurship at Sector 67 as part of Capital Entrepreneurs Week and the Startup Weekend in Madison (WI) next Monday.

My new friend Chris Meyer is the Founder at Sector 67 in Madison. Chris created the beautiful 'Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship' toast pictured here for last weekend's First Annual Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship.

My family just met Chris and they concluded he's the perfect guy to rationalize putting metal things into plugged-in toasters to create food art. Don't try this at home.

Sector 67 represents amazing possibilities for economic development in our region and beyond.

"Sector67 is a non-profit collaborative space in Madison, WI dedicated to providing an environment to learn, teach, work-on, build, and create next generation technology; including software, hardware, electronics, art, sewing, pottery, glass, metalwork, iPhone/Android applications, games, etc."

I'll be making a presentation on food entrepreneurship at Sector 67 next Monday, April 30, along with House of Brews Founder Page Buchanan. Join us!

My Capital Entrepreneurs presentation at Sector 67 along with House of Brews Founder Page Buchanan

Visit Sector 67. Thanks Chris and friends for your sponsorship of the First Annual Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship and the upcoming startup events in the Madison area this week.

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Unknown said...

That is an amazing idea! I hope that is something that can be mimicked for a delaware llc that I am also thinking of putting up. Do you mind sharing how much capital investment is required for such? Cheers.