Sunday, May 13, 2012

Creating a life of opportunity. The age of the DIY Innovator is here.

This blog is about humankind entering the Renaissance age of entrepreneurship and how we create sustainable enterprises to meet and maximize this opportunity. This future is arriving faster and brighter every day.

Here is a Ted Talk is by Peter Diamandis, founder of the X PRIZE that celebrates this fact. Mr. Diamandis offers a realistic and positive perspective that builds on the vision of Dr. Buckminster Fuller, among many others, about where we are and where we are going. We are creating ever increasing abundance for ever more people at ever more more accessible costs. We are welcoming ever increasing numbers of people to participate in this global advance. We are creating economies that can support all of us. We are creating sustainable work globally. We are slaying dragons along the way. Sounds like a plan to me.

You can't watch Mr. Diamandis' and not get a sense of just how widespread this amazing global entrepreneurship opportunity is right now. The day and age of the DIY (Do It Yourself) Innovator is here - right now.

Mr. Diamandis' wrote about his Ted Talk for CNN:

The future is brighter than you think.

By Peter Diamandis, Special to CNN:

"...four emerging forces give us the potential to significantly raise global standards of living over the next two to three decades,

• exponentially growing technology,

• the DIY (Do It Yourself) Innovator,

• the new breed technophilanthropist and

• the rising billion, the poorest of the poor who are finally plugging into the global economy."

"Abundance for all is actually within our grasp."

Amen. Thank you Peter Diamandis. Forward. Everyone.

CNN original story.

X PRIZE Foundation. Revolution through Competition.

Buckminster Fuller

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Thanks to technology a vast field of opportunities is now presented even to the regular joe, leveling the playing field for everyone.