Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thank you Illinois Farm Bureau!

Thanks to the Illinois Farm Bureau for the opportunity to present our ideas about developing Innovation Kitchen style business development projects across the region.

It was also really fun to catch up with many old friends and make so many new ones.

I even got a chance to ask Dr. Merrigan from USDA a question about best practices for rolling out our new Iowa County poultry processing capacities. I learned a lot. Doing regional poultry work is going to be a great opportunity for everyone involved.

In my presentation, I got to talk about how we built our last business around a successful collaboration among effective partners living and working in both Illinois and Wisconsin.

This was a great visit back to my home state. I look forward to working with all these great friends going forward.

Thank You Illinois Farm Bureau!

Photo. Illinois' Metamora Courthouse. Abraham Lincoln practiced law here. Metamora, IL is one of only two surviving courthouses on the historic Eighth Judicial Circuit traveled by Abraham Lincoln before his Presidency.

Illinois Farm Bureau

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