Sunday, June 09, 2013

"Our business is up and running thanks to Rick and the ICAEDC!!!"

This is from a new report I'm working on about our economic development work in Iowa County, Wisconsin (ICAEDC) 
I love family run small businesses.  Terry Olson is a great example of how a new family business can help energize a downtown.  Go Terry and family!

Terry opened her smart new business, Time and Again Vintage, on the main Street of Dodgeville,  in Iowa County, WI.

People are now coming from all over the region to shop at Terry's new business.  I'm proud to have helped. 

Time and Again Vintage.

“This area is blessed to have Rick and the ICAEDC!!! 

Starting up a business is overwhelming. 

Rick walked us through links on the EDC site and coached us on each step throughout the process.  LLC, EIN, State Tax Number, WHAT???  Rick told us which step to start with from start to finish… from naming our business to applying for a State Tax Number.   He was always just a phone call away.

Rick has such a positive attitude!  He makes you feel like anything is possible.

He definitely cares about the local communities and small business start-ups!!  He has a very caring heart! 

We are deeply grateful to Rick for the many questions he willingly answered and steps he walked us through. 

Our business is up and running thanks to Rick and the ICAEDC!!!”

Terry Olson, Owner

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