Sunday, July 07, 2013

ICAEDC celebrates four and a half years of promoting Iowa County

Thanks to the The Dodgeville Chronicle.  They just publishing a positive new article about our economic development work in Iowa County, WI in their 4th of July edition.

I'm grateful for the article's focus on entrepreneurship and job creation in our recent business development report for the area.

"ICAEDC celebrates four and a half years of promoting Iowa County" 

"The Iowa County Area Economic Development Corporation (ICAEDC) proved last week that it has a lot to be proud of as it released a report on the organization's successes over the past four and a half years." 

"The organization's executive director, Rick Terrien, has played an influential role at the ICAEDC and many of their successes can be traced back to his committed work."

"'Positive momentum is a powerful force',  Terrien said. 'There are many great new entrepreneurship and business opportunities for our area...'"

Thanks to the Dodgeville Chronicle for the article and recognition!

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