Monday, December 30, 2013

My thanks and a fond farewell to Iowa County Economic Development

"... positive attitudes, willing support and assistance, and an obvious desire to help people succeed, which Terrien exemplifies.  This is a tribute to Terrien and his team but it's also an important model for the region, of which Iowa County is both a partner and a leader."  - WISC TV editorial, July 2013.

I've greatly enjoyed working in Iowa County, WI as the founding Executive Director of the Iowa County Area Economic Development Corporation.

This was my first experience launching a new nonprofit and the first time I've worked directly in economic development.  In this capacity I helped organize and set directions for this new organization.  I created policies and programs that have become nationally recognized and globally relevant.

I started the day the great recession was formally declared, Dec. 1 2008.  We're closing up the organization five years later.  Funding cuts and the improving economy both indicate its time for this organization to come to a close.

I've been grateful to all the friends I've made in this beautiful area, and the many businesses I've been fortunate enough to work with.

Here are a few of the results my work has generated in the past few years:

My report card from Iowa County businesses and stakeholders. Economic development report issued in Summer 2013.    Full report.  28 pages.

One page overview.  Highlights from 4.5 years of business and economic development in Iowa County, WI.

Food and Farm business development report.  Subset of main report focusing on food and farm entrepreneurship.  18 pages.

Letter from the Board Chair, Iowa County Area Economic Development Corporation (ICAEDC).  Nov. 2013

Thank you note from the Board of the ICAEDC.  Dec. 2013

What a great experience.  Thanks to all who welcomed me to the Iowa County area and all the great people I had the honor of working with there.

Thank you and best wishes one and all!

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