Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen cited by U.S. Commerce Secretary Pritzger - "Make It in America renaissance"

The work of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen was just cited by U.S. Commerce Secretary Pritzger as an example of the "Make It in America renaissance".  

Secretary Pritzger shared her remarks at the National Manufacturing Summit hosted by Wal-Mart.

She was announcing the awards as a way to identify innovative new 'Manufacturing Communities' in the United States for investors. 

The Madison (WI) region was chosen for its emphasis on agriculture, food and beverage.

Secretary Pritzger had hundreds of projects nationally to choose from to highlight by name as representing the 'Make It in America renaissance'.  She chose the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen.

"The IMCP designation is an important signal to potential investors that these communities are a good place to spend their money."

Thank you Secretary Pritzger!


Text for Secretary Pritzger's announcement remarks below:

"The Department of Commerce is also supporting the Make It in America renaissance through the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership. This program – run by the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration – encourages regional collaboration to create comprehensive plans aimed at drawing inbound investment.

Here is how it works: Leaders from the private sector, local government, higher education, local economic development organizations, and other nonprofits work together to identify a sector of manufacturing where their community has a comparative advantage and draft a strategic plan that addresses: workforce and supply chain challenges; infrastructure; research and innovation; trade and investment; capital access; and operational improvement for manufacturing companies. 

After selecting the best plans, the Department of Commerce supports their implementation by coordinating federal aid from 11 different agencies and providing the community with a dedicated counselor to navigate federal services. An IMCP designation is an important signal to potential investors that these communities are a good place to spend their money. 

And this is smart government at work. By breaking down silos and encouraging communities to take a more thoughtful, comprehensive approach to their strategic plans, we are ensuring that precious federal dollars are used on the most high impact projects and in a way that maximizes return on investment.

Among this group is the Madison Regional Economic Partnership in Wisconsin, who put together an ambitious strategy aimed at taking advantage of the growing trend toward “local foods.” The community plans to expand the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen, upgrade an existing kitchen incubator, build a Madison public market, and construct a training center and trucking logistics center. 

The other new designees are located across the country and span from a Louisiana State University-led consortium on chemical manufacturing to a partnership in the Pacific Northwest on wood products. I look forward to seeing how these communities grow as a result of their IMCP designation. 

From coast to coast, America’s manufacturers are the backbone of our economy, and our country’s prosperity is closely linked to your success. Through smart programs like IMCP, Manufacturing Day, and more, the Department of Commerce is committed to being your partners as this vital sector of economy continues its remarkable resurgence. Working together, we can ensure America’s manufacturers remain at the center of our nation’s prosperity and keep America open for your businesses. Thank you."

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