Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cool award news

My partner Dave wears a welding mask most of the day and is never without pliers in his back pocket. He usually comes up only to smoke or talk shop rat with you.

Dave also has more patents than anyone who's ever lived in his city, Streator, Illinois.

Working with Dave to reduce really ugly problems into really simple, elegant solutions is an industrial experience filled with art.

On June 1, '05 we got word that one of our new products, based on our middle two patents has just been awarded the National Small Business New Product of the Year for 2005 by the National Society of Professional Engineers. PEs represent the highest professional certification engineers can receive in the US. This is what they said in their award..."Winning products were chosen for their exceptional engineering research, design, and overall impact on our national economy."

As we say up here in Wisconsin, Holy cow! Many, many thanks to NSPE for the recognition! Award ceremony is in Chicago early July.

It's a great gig. You can do it, too. Continuous innovation and great new products as your day job. I really, really love this stuff. Every step implies another. Every solution shows the way to a better one.

Banner Graphics was also a 25 year progression of cool new products based around reshuffling the deck of core competencies and adding new innovations when the need appeared. It's possible in every type of enterprise out there, from the smallest to the largest. Honest.

Thanks, National Society of Professional Engineers!

When Dave comes up from under his welding cap we'll tell him about the award.

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