Monday, May 16, 2005

Start ups - making middle class jobs

Telling everyone that start ups can turn them into Donald Trump is about as corrupt and dumb as telling all kids they can all get rich playing professional sports. A tiny percent of any of us get to play in the big leagues and a tiny percent of start ups lead to flat out wealth.

The reality is much more pedestrian, much more valuable, and in the end, much more sustainable for everyone involved.

If you can admit up front that control of your time and control of your life is much more valuable than money after some realistic financial goals are met, your start up can help your thrive beyond the dreams of Bill Gates.

I also don't know how the big commerce bureaucracies get away with celebrating the creation of businesses with hundreds or thousands of minimum wage jobs. There is a role for that kind of business creation in some circumstances to be sure. But simply counting heads for the sake of running up job creation numbers isn't a particularly helpful approach for the rest of the economy. It may make the short term look bright for the people announcing these kinds of businesses, but it damages the long run for the rest of us.

Most start ups, if planned right, can throw off a decent living. You'll work harder than you ever did in your life, I'd expect. You'll probably even have less overall free time available. But you'll be (sometimes!) controlling your time at work and have complete control of your time away from work. You get to impact your own future. Those are my kind of start ups.

I see start ups as a powerful tool for reclaiming middle class jobs and rebuilding middle class lives.

However, if you think a middle class lifestyle is not good enough for you, then please go chase your dreams elsewhere. Much of the rest of the planet would be deliriously happy to take your place. And they will.

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