Saturday, May 07, 2005

Life decisions that build competence

Another young friend sends word from a remarkable road trip.

I've known my friend Nate K. for many years and have nothing but respect for he and his brother Pete. These guys are working out bulletproof sustainable paths for themselves.

Nate and his pal Aimee are now on a three month backpacking trip across Asia, including China, South East Asia, Himilayan North India and Japan.

This is a great blog with very cool images. 90 Days in Asia

This must've seemed like a hard decision early on, but one they'll never regret so long as they draw breath. The competence young people like my friend Nate show, and young people everywhere, should give us all hope. It sure does for me. Go Nate!

You get sustainable by getting smarter. Life is full of chances. Plan well and take yours.

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