Saturday, May 14, 2005

Nashville recommendation

I love all kinds of music but the day job usually morphs into the night job and I don't get out to hear live music as often as I'd like.

I spent a great night recently listening to singer Melissa Paige in downtown Nashville. If you're anywhere nearby, Melissa will be playing at The Legend's Corner on Monday nights for the foreseeable future. Go hear Melissa. She's wonderful!

Tough stuff though, the music biz in Nashville. Great musicians playing for tips. On the other hand, it matches my biz model of "everyone on commission". Are musicians the teachers for the rest of us?

Melissa's web site doesn't do her justice. Good lesson for all of us. If you control your web content, you control your story. If you job out web content, you'll forever be catching up. Learn to control your web content. Not tomorrow. Yesterday.

Anyway, Melissa is fabulous. I highly recommend asking her to sing Patsy Cline and I highly recommend giving her a BIG tip when you're there!

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