Monday, May 09, 2005

Keep restarting your start ups

I was talking to a biz friend who asked if I only worked on start ups. She runs a very cool enterprise that's all ready up and running. Potential growth everywhere. However, she was asking for help for a preexisting biz. She felt she was beyond thinking like a start up.

No such thing.

For those of us all ready in businesses, it's often harder to think of creating a start up out of our current gigs because we're tied to our existing ways of doing things. We're proud of what we've done. Why change when what you've got is working?

I follow Tom Peters writing on work within existing organizations. I'm wildly paraphrasing, but he likes to find ways to blow up existing models and continually reassemble the pieces to match market circumstances.

If you're not ready to do that, then you're not ready to succeed.

For smaller enterprises, there is often no real, definable end game. You need to hang your hat on the process not the products. Those of us within existing enterprises need to continually look at our organizations with the eye of a start up and see what pieces we can shift to better fix customer problems.

Innovation has to run through your veins. Innovate your processes. Innovate your products and services. Take your Best Practices and make them better.

If you don't take the chances needed for creating start ups within your existing enterprise, somebody else will make their own opportunities out of your lethargy.

Remember, your enterprise is not your job. It's your opportunity. Seize those internal start up possibilities every single day.

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