Sunday, May 08, 2005

Your most undervalued asset

So you're thinking about self enterprise.

It is pretty alluring. Control your time, control your life stuff.

What you've got to do next is make something out of nothing.

Financially bigger startups will need different business plans. For self enterprise startups I'd recommend expending resources as though your enterprise depended on it. It does. You want to find cheap inputs and morph it into cash flow.

This is not bet the farm time. That stuff comes true sometimes, but mostly in the movies. You've got to find components to the solutions you propose that are undervalued big time. Something from nothing.

In other words, you need access to cheap inputs, that nobody else has access to, and you're smart enough to leverage into something that cash flows.

Hmmmm... Aint nothing left but you, friend. And you know you're capable of doing more. The only way to connect these two dots is with a terrific amount of hard work and absolute mastery over a problem that's numerically widespread.

What's you're most undervalued asset?


Stocks and bonds and most everything else being chased financially are NOT undervalued. You are. Everybody has access to those assets. Nobody else has access to your talents. Use that gift wisely. Invest in yourself and beat the crowd.

There's a lot of problems out there. Pick one and go fix it.

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