Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Any aisle. Any store. Any place. Any market.

I seem to be unusually confident that you can start your own enterprise. How come?

Most people have no idea where to start. Money and profit are scorecards, but you only really succeed by solving problems.

So whaddya wanna do? How do you pick the products or services you'll turn into your problem solving enterprises?

Here's an idea I roughly guarantee. Walk down any aisle in any store in any place serving any kind of market. It's best if you pick a subject area you have a real affinity for. Walk around and soak it up. Then carefully - full of care - pick up one thing up that most captures your fancy. The odder and more out of the mainstream the better.

Check it out. Actively wonder. Get a wish list going. How can you make it better? How can you add value? How can you become the world expert at that single thing? If it's your calling, it's usually not too hard to get those answers. Maybe not right there while you're directly interacting with this process, but it'll come. Being quiet helps.

If you've wondered well, you can make a nice, sustainable national enterprise out of that thing in your hand. Maybe not by next week, but it's doable in the next few months if you're smart and careful.

My cautions... I don't know retail and I don't know food. Our enterprises have never had a retail front end. I think you need to hide from customers - in the 3D sense of this - not invite them in. Food... too scary. You're on you're own with food. You may find that some of my ideas work with retail selling, or food, but I don't have the experience to make any promises. Other than those two cautions, I think this exercise works.

The future is on its way. You can do it. Any aisle. Any store. Any place. Any market. Keep your eyes open, wonder wisely, and get your enterprise set up.

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