Friday, July 09, 2010

First TV interview about the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

We had our first TV interview about the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen today on NBC 15 in Madison, with Host Carleen Wild.

To see this, go to the link below.

There is a video player on the right. Below the player are icons for individual stories. When you scroll over the icon you can read the description.

Ours says "VIDEO: Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen 7/9/10". Three minutes long.

Because this aired this morning it has been bumped to inner pages by newer pieces. You will need to scroll backward to find the Innovation Kitchen interview, using the links below the story icons.

Thank you very much Carleen Wild, NBC TV 15 and! podcast. Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen Interview. Scroll back to 7/9/10 and this title.

Photo above is of our Hobart Vertical Chopper Mixer (VCM). This also mixes bread and baking doughs at commercial scale.

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Unknown said...


That is really cool. I'm very excited about the potential for this kitchen. Sorry I couldn't make it too the opening last weekend, but the World Cup Final went into extra time...

Keith (as in Driftless Appetite)