Friday, December 31, 2010

Entrepreneurship as personal economic growth. Happy New Year 2011!

Economic development continued to be an uphill climb last year.

However, as tough as things were, it was a good year to work on business startups and especially the opportunity to work in artisan food processing.

The Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen has been able to help new entrepreneurs develop and existing ones to grow smartly and sustainably. It’s a brand new experiment that could yield some valuable new business models.

The Innovation Kitchen was successfully launched in July of 2010 and is poised to make a great contribution to the discussion of regional food systems. If the cards fall right, we’ll help open our next level of food processing capacity in 2011, the individual quick frozen (IQF) vegetable processing facility in Highland, WI.

I think there is a significant opportunity to build great jobs and vibrant economic development from regional food opportunities. Not someday. Now. But we have to run the experiments and get sustainable business models wrapped around them.

A big part of our effort will be the need for many thoughtful new entrepreneurs.

These posts have tried to encourage people interested in entrepreneurship to gather some knowledge and take some action steps toward getting involved

Many of us coming out of the great recession are looking for better economic security and independence. We are also thinking about personal growth.

For many people, that search will lead through entrepreneurship. The essence of entrepreneurship is personal economic growth. That includes personal growth and business growth.

You get to judge and change how you define growth. There are no right answers except the answers that are truly your own.

It’s a great time to consider a startup or new ways to grow your enterprise.

Have I mentioned the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen? ….

So, on to 2011 my entrepreneur friends!

Stay tuned. I'll keep you posted here.

Happy New Year 2011!

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Iowa County (WI) Area Economic Development


Nancy Thompson said...


I couldn't agree with you more that personal growth, and personal economic growth, are important benefits of entrepreneurship.

I'm glad to hear about the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen, which can provide a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities for folks without too much formal education, as well as retiring professionals.

Our local community action agency finally became involved in community gardening because it sees the relationship of such activity to building a new skill as well as meeting an immediate economic need.

The local food idea is a winner on so many levels, and I wish you the best in developing the professional kitchen.

Anonymous said...

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