Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A 2011 shout-out to Tom Peters

The only outside link on my blogroll (right) is Tom Peters' site. I'm a big fan of Mr. Peters' writing and approach to enterprise, starting with his seminal work, In Search of Excellence. I've followed much of Tom Peters' advice for decades of my professional life and am proud of it.

His newest book, The Little Big Things, is an essential walk through the world of doing enterprise right.

Here is a nice shout-out to Tom Peters. I just borrowed this quote below from Tom's site, dated Jan 3, 2011, quoting the (Jan 2) Financial Times:

The Management Gurus Due for a Review

"Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great and most recently How the Mighty Fall, is similarly impartial, but the case studies in his books, as in many of those written by business school professors, risk aging poorly. He would do well to follow the example of Tom Peters, who wrote In Search of Excellence in 1982 but has never stopped reinventing himself and developing new material, becoming a blogger and Tweeter at an age when many gurus would rather retire to their herbaceous borders. Peters is on Olympus."

For many of us considering small startups, or growing small enterprises, the work of Tom Peters is invaluable. This is not corporate stuff - it's human stuff. You need to know Tom Peters to be good at sustainable work.

Many thanks, Mr. Peters, for your ongoing excellence. Keep up the innovations!

Tom Peters web site

Tom Peters' book, The Little Big Things.

Graphic courtesy (without my asking) of the Tom Peters Company

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