Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 6th anniversary Sustainable Work

Today marks the sixth year anniversary of writing these posts.

Here's what I first wrote on April 12, 2005. I was in a budget hotel in Dubuque, smearing oil and blood all over the notebook following a difficult - but successful - installation of our fluid recycling system at the local John Deere plant.

I'm still trying to do what I put in this first post. I'm more confident than ever we can pull it off.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005
What I'm trying to do.


I'm glad you've found you're way here. Welcome!

I've got this idea that I'd like to start a million more small, sustainable enterprises. However, I'm 50 something and I have a perfectly wonderful 90 hour a week job now. So I'm just going to have to talk about it here in my spare time. Hopefully I can help other people along this path. Can we get to a million new small enterprises? Come on along. Let's try. I look forward to sharing this site with you.

All the best,


Sustainable Work. Six years and growing. Opportunities are everywhere. Can't wait to read these posts six years from now!

Photo is through the kaleidoscope at our wonderful Olbrich Gardens in Madison, WI.

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