Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Awards this week in Milwaukee

I am very thankful for an invitation to the Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce 5th Annual Awards Luncheon in Milwaukee his coming week.

Here is a piece from their site (emphasis added):

HWCC provides assistance in business planning, market analysis, marketing strategies, effective day-to-day business operation and much more. In addition, it acts as an advocate on behalf of the Hmong businesses and economic issues that affect Hmong businesses. Furthermore, HWCC is a forum for Hmong entrepreneurs to discuss successes and challenges as well as offer one another support resulting in win-win for all of Wisconsin."

Can't wait to make new friends and learn more about growing our economy!

Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce (HWCC)

HWCC 5th Annual Awards Luncheon. Sponsorship packages available.

Our Iowa County Area Economic Development Corp. (ICAEDC) is a member of the Mineral Point and Dodgeville Chambers of Commerce.

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