Friday, July 15, 2011

Congratulations Sue Noble!

My good friend Sue Noble was just recognized as one of our country's rural Champions of Change.

Sue is the bravest, most tenacious economic developer I know.

Sue, Executive Director of the Vernon (WI) Economic Development Association, is also a founding member of our Great Lakes Food Hub Network.

President Barack Obama, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the President's Domestic Policy Adviser Melody Barnes, and Senior Policy Adviser for Rural Affairs at the White House Domestic Policy Council Doug McKalip met with Sue and most of the other Champions of Change.

"These rural communities leaders came from across the country for the White House Rural Champions of Change event whose aim is to strengthen rural communities and promote economic growth."

Here is some good perspective from Sue about the award from her USDA blog post: "I shared with President Obama, Secretary Vilsack and the Rural Council some of the significant opportunities our business model represents for promoting economic development, job creation and wealth building in rural communities."

"Our Food Enterprise Center is creating amazing opportunities for food entrepreneurs, social investors and space for innovative food businesses to start up and expand with the infrastructure to process, market and distribute locally grown food."

"Rural communities can help win the future for all of America. The opportunity is historic. Regional food systems create jobs and new economic development. This is an infrastructure investment that will pay dividends and keep wealth in communities far into the future."

"Our goal is to turn the food movement into action. We are creating a facility and a network that welcomes investors, grows food businesses and attracts food entrepreneurs to the coolest place in the world to locate a business!"

So.... if you are a food business looking to expand or a community/sustainable investor looking to make a difference, please visit the Vernon Economic Development site below and get in touch.

Sue is a great friend and a professional mentor. I'm thrilled for Sue's well-deserved recognition, as are all her Great Lakes Food Hub Network peers.

Congratulations Sue!

Sue's White House Champions of Change award blog post.

Vernon County Broadcaster article about Sue's award. Written by Matt Johnson.

Vernon County (WI) Economic Development Sue Noble, Executive Director.

Flickr page for Champions of Change

Creative Commons license for use of photo. Thanks!

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