Saturday, September 10, 2011

David Stoltzfus - Innovation Kitchen friend, grower, and buyer.

My friend David is a great farmer, and a real gentleman.

The Innovation Kitchen has partnered with David, an Amish farmer from our region, for the second year to provide healthy, local, nutritious produce to our kitchen and to our customers. We all look forward to doing business with David going forward.

It's fun - an an honor - helping connect friends like David into the emerging new networks of people interested in sustainable regional food systems.

In one of the next posts, there will be news about a really cool new project that utilizes this kind of model to help connect food growing regions with a big regional urban area, in our case Milwaukee. This can be replicated elsewhere once we work out the wrinkles.

I think David, and farmers across the country can benefit through new business models that the Innovation Kitchen is prototyping.

David's wonderful butternut squash is headed into fame as an ingredient in amazing pasta mixes created by one of the Innovation Kitchen's best customers (served at the White House Super Bowl party this past January!).

Thanks very much David for supplying the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen with produce we love and a great business relationship we honor.

Our kind of partner!

When I visited last week with Dr. Duane Ford, new President at Southwest Tech there was an Amish buggy tied up outside his office. I KNEW I was in the right place!

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