Saturday, September 17, 2011

Congratulations again Sue Noble! Thank you President Obama.

My friend Sue Noble is an extraordinary economic developer.

I recently posted a short piece about Sue's recognition at the White House.

Sue was among a handful people nationwide chosen for recognition as an American 'Rural Champion of Change'. Wow! Many congrats Sue!

Before I accepted my current job I talked with Sue. I took Sue's direction for common goals for our work and our region. Looking back, she was dead on.

Now, when I have questions about big-picture economic development stuff, I call Sue.

This new photo just came in from Sue's award event at the White House 'Rural Champion of Change' ceremony.

Congratulations Sue, and thanks for all your great contributions to economic development and job creation in our region, rural America, and beyond!

Vernon County (WI) Economic Development, Sue Noble, Executive Director.

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