Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Free Libraries and the Innovation Kitchen

My friend Rick Brooks (photo) helped bring the remarkable Little Free Library phenomenon to life. They started this amazing idea in the Madison, WI neighborhood where we raised our family.

Little Free Libraries are just that - small (20-30 book) libraries put up and cared for by private citizens and organizations around the world.

Rick and friends just received significant and well deserved media attention for their work.

At the link below you can hear and see many great recent shout-outs to the Little Free Library, including NBC Nightly News (Using Books to Build Community), and USA Today (Little Free Libraries are taking root on lawns).

Rick and I got to catch up at a Something Special from Wisconsin event in Milwaukee this week.

What a great mission the Little Free Library is on: "Building a sense of community and a love of reading. A worldwide movement to promote literacy, libraries and more."

We'll make Little Free Libraries part of our Innovation Kitchen story going forward. Congratulations Rick and Little Free Libraries!

Little Free Library. Keep up the great work!

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Something Special from Wisconsin

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