Monday, July 16, 2012

Kickstarter campaign - replicating Innovation Kitchens

Do you know Kickstarter? It's a great model for crowd funding cool projects and innovations.

The idea is that innovators can propose a project on Kickstarter with a promise of rewards, in return for advance pledges of support.

This model has a ton of free market merit. I'm going to submit a Kickstarter project later this week. We're going to use it to do market development for the next Innovation Kitchen. We have a great new partnership emerging to do the first replication in inner city Milwaukee.

Kickstarter has broken the mold when it comes to financing innovation and creative economic development. What they have started will resonate for decades.

I've greatly enjoyed learning about Kickstarter and pledging financial support to five projects so far.

We are very much looking forward to launching our first Kickstarter campaign this week. Please consider helping spread the word when this launches publicly.

Entrepreneurship is being supported by so much good stuff it takes my breath away. Kickstarter is a great model I'm proud to support.


Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

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