Sunday, July 29, 2012

Young Chinese scholars visit Iowa County

On Thursday of this past week we greatly enjoyed a visit by a group of young scholars from mainland China to the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen (WINK). The group's visit was coordinated and made possible by The Environment & Public Health Network for Chinese Students and Scholars (ENCSS).

I got to introduce Annette Pierce, our WINK Food Service Director and explain her critical role in food safety and how that makes our operations important.

They gave her a generous round of applause.

I also tried to explain to them about Annette's role as Mistress of the Universe, and that got another round of applause.

We made 35 fun new friends from China on Thursday!

Thank You NCESS for arranging this visit.

While there, the visiting students got to do some actual food processing.

Annette and her team had the group slice tomatoes and prepare them to be dehydrated and packaged. It was great fun to be with the group while they worked and talked among themselves. Mandarin is such a beautiful language. Too bad I am limited to 'hello' and 'thank you' for now - but I will learn more soon!

Annette and team made a great traditional American lunch for the group, with a special fancy chocolate based treat for dessert.

After lunch we shared gifts with the students. The WINK team had prepared packages of dehydrated tomatoes with ENCSS on the label along with a welcome from the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen. Annette truly is the Mistress of the Universe.

Thank you Annette and team!!

What a fun visit... Ni Hao!

The Environment & Public Health Network for Chinese Students and Scholars (ENCSS)

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Hodan Center, The center supporting people with disabilities that owns and created the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen.

Previous post (March 23, 2012) post about ENCSS and this group visit.

Iowa County Area Economic Development

Lunch for the ENCSS students was sponsored by Alliant Energy. Thank you Alliant Energy!

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