Thursday, September 27, 2012

Video - Making it Sustainable - the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Prevention Speaks, part of the University Health Services program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, produced a series of videos at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen last year.

I especially like this short video below called 'Making it Sustainable', highlighting the theme of this blog. I got the opportunity to do an overview of what an Innovation Kitchen can do and how we might build a network of collaborating projects regionally and across the country.

I'll link to other good videos about the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen below.

Thanks to Prevention Speaks for helping highlight the valuable work that the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen has pioneered.

Farmers Expanding Markets. Farmers Expanding Markets. "We grow enough quantity all the time that we have more than we can sell at the stores," says Kevin Lucey, farmer. And that's where Innovation Kitchen comes in. (1:26)

Overview of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen. "A network of partners can benefit local farmers and schools with a facility focused on carefully controlling distribution , processing and packaging costs. Best of all, everyone gets a chance to regularly eat fresh, healthy food." (4:54)

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