Saturday, October 06, 2012

Make your life safer. No slip floors. Inside and outside.

I usually don't recommend individual businesses but I'm going to start ignoring that.

I had lunch this week with an old friend and former client who is a really cool specialty contractor. Mark provides a valuable service that few of us ever stop to consider.

My friend Mark Wilcox owns Wisconsin No Slip Floors. His firm offers treatments for most any surface - inside and outside - making it safer and even more beautiful. You don't have to put up with slippery, dangerous floors at home or at work.

Mark can make homes much safer - floors, tubs, showers, decks, and pools. At work, Wisconsin No Slip Floors can treat most floors to increase safety and decrease risk. We did our tub floor and it made an immediate difference.

It makes sense to invest in prevention rather than paying for injuries and time off work.

This would make an especially great gift for an older person in your life.

Mark at Wisconsin No Slip Floors is a craftsman and a great resource for people wanting to increase their safety at home and at work. He's also got some great no-slip products you can order and apply on your own.

Mark's base is in Southeast Wisconsin. His territory is typically all of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois but I'm sure you could coax him further with a great job. No guarantee, but if you mention promotion code 'Rick', Mark will probably split his McDonald's cookies with you.

This year, give yourself and your family the gift of safety. Wisconsin No Slip Floors.

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