Friday, October 19, 2012

Jack's in Skokie - 487 years of sustainable jobs

There are no higher honors for small business owners than long term, sustainable success and the earned loyalty of the people they employ and support.

Mary and I recently got the chance to eat breakfast at Jack's Restaurant in Skokie, IL.

Check out the years of service their employees have been with them. 

Talk about sustainable work...

Jack's has provided 94 years of combined employment for the owners Jack and George.

Jack's has provided 393 years of combined total employment for their employees.  

That's a combined total of 487 years of sustainable work.  At this writing Jack's has likely created more than 500 years worth of good local jobs.  Imagine if you could include all the many years worth of total jobs for people who worked there in the past.

Remarkable.  Congratulations to the entire family at Jack's! 

Jack's Menu and contact info 

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