Friday, April 12, 2013

Eight years of entrepreneurship writing. Happy anniversary Sustainable Work!

I love writing about innovation and entrepreneurship almost as much as I love doing it.  Today is Sustainable Work's 8th anniversary.

I've done startups in manufacturing/engineering, commercial graphics, software, education, economic development, and food.  I've mentored and supported startups across the U.S. and I lend to startups worldwide.

I wrote the masthead for this blog the night I wrote the first post, in a hotel room in Dubuque, 8 years ago.  It followed a long day of installing one of our recycling systems at their John Deere plant.

I haven't changed a word of the masthead - or the work of this writing - since.

Entrepreneurship and innovation.  You can do it. Welcome.

Happy 8th anniversary Sustainable Work!

2012 - 7th anniversary.   40 Years of Life Lessons in Entrepreneurship

2005 - First post.   What I'm Trying to do

Photo taken through the plant kaleidoscope at our wonderful Olbrich Gardens

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