Thursday, April 04, 2013

Clean Food - a trend that's changing the world

I am a member of the Willy Street Co-op in Madison, WI.  Our family values and enjoys the benefits of membership in this great organization.

A recent piece in the Willy Street Reader, Five Trends Coming to a Co-op Near You, jumped out at me.  It was written by Marti Ryan, Board President.

In her piece, Ms. Ryan highlights the concept of 'clean food' as an emerging social trend.

I find it pretty cool that in a recent article Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen customer Kevin Lucey talks about customers describing his Happy Valley Farm Tomato Juice as having a 'clean taste'.   

I used a quote from Ms. Ryan's piece at our farm business seminar this week at the Food Enterprise Center in Viroqua.

"More recently, I’ve come to understand clean food as natural, organic, local, sustainable, fresh, safe, ethical, and healthy. And more Americans are interested in clean food: parents, folks who’ve developed food allergies, even kids."

I love this concept and this language.  While not all clean foods may meet all these goals, working toward them is a trend that is here to stay.

The Innovation Kitchen business model works to develop these specific goals.  Thanks to Ms. Ryan for her valuable insights.

Five Trends Coming to a Co-op Near You.  Willy Street Co-op.  I support and admire this great organization.

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