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The Top Ten Food Trends for 2014 - Consumers and retailers

Our Innovation Kitchen model supports something directly connected with every one of the top 10 food trends for 2014.

The Top Ten Food Trends for 2014 is an ongoing survey published by Facts, Figures and the Future.

The complete article is linked below.

I've taken descriptions from each trend to directly highlight something our Innovation Kitchen model supplies to that trend.

Top Ten Food Trends for 2014

1. The Emergence of the “IndieWoman”: ...look for more brands to offer more semi-homemade meals that use fresh, high-quality ingredients.

2. Better for You Snacking: ... healthier on-the-go offerings.

3. Brands Reach Consumers Locally Through Cause Initiatives: ... brands will find greater purpose in serving the larger community.

4. Click to Cook: ...the ability to select a recipe, order ingredients and check-out directly from mobile devices.

5. Supermarkets--The New Culinary Schools: ... “community cooking centers” where shoppers can collaborate and learn from each other.

6. The Retailer Becomes the Brand: ... shop at a particular retailer because it has good store brand products.   ... consumers will see more private label brands creating new unique products.

7. Rise and Shine--The New Way to Start Your Day: ... convenient breakfast options.

8. Packaging Evolves to Share More with Consumers: ... Using a mobile device, shoppers will learn more about an ingredient or health claim by simply focusing the device on the label to tell where the ingredients come from, who prepared the food, the company’s history...

9. Millenials Make the Supermarket Social:  Next up: “click to buy” for consumers looking to purchase ingredients for a recipe on Pinterest and have them delivered to their homes.

10. International Restaurant Flavors At Home: look for all shoppers to be eating more international inspired foods.


We see these trends emerging every week in the work we do.  Farms and buyers are in a great position to supply this significant new demand.

Our Innovation Kitchen network can create high quality regional ingredients that serve every one of these top food trends for 2014.

Top Ten Food Trends for 2014.  Facts, Figures and the Future.  December. 2013

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