Sunday, March 02, 2014

Warren Buffet - "I have not, however, made my last mistake..."

Warren Buffet continues to blaze new trails with his proven business model.  (1)  "I have not, however, made my last mistake..." and,  (2)  "..invest ... as you would in a farm."

Growth comes from trying many experiments and from keeping the core mission front and center.  Some experiments don't pan out but the mission thrives.

The Washington Post reported on Warren Buffet's 2014 annual letter and predictions for the economy. 

"Investors eagerly await Warren Buffett’s letter to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shareholders each year for its plain-spoken insight into the billionaire’s financial strategy and economic predictions. Buffett had plenty of good news to discuss Saturday..."

I love the way Mr. Buffet talks about investing using the model of building a farm:  “So ignore the chatter, keep your costs minimal, and invest in stocks as you would in a farm.”

My favorite takeaway from Mr. Buffet's annual letter is this:  "I have not, however, made my last mistake ......   Not everything works out as planned.”

"Buffet Speaks:   Highlights from his annual letter".   March 1, 2014

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