Thursday, April 28, 2005

Let's talk about what's risky

One of my favorite cartoonists (BEK) has a great piece in the April 11, 2005 New Yorker magazine. A middle aged guy is sitting in an interview chair looking for a job. He seems forlorn and lost.

He's saying this to the interviewer; "I'm looking for a position where I can slowly lose sight of what I originally set out to do with my life, with benefits."

Working jobs you don't like is basically giving away control of your life, for benefits.

To me, starting a new enterprise is far less risky than not doing it.

Let's say you have a dumb, boring job that isn't building time, quality and competence into your life. If you get whacked by a bad economy and lose your job, what have you got? Nothing. If you act (wisely, please) on your dreams and fire up your own enterprise, what are the downsides? If your new enterprise gets whacked by the economy you can always get a job. You showed initiative. You organized it. You took a chance. That's what smart corporations are looking for now anyway. You just upped your pay grade as far as they're concerned.

However, it doesn't work the other direction. If your job gets yanked and you haven't got anything else in place, the word toast comes to mind. You're not likely to be able to start up an alternative job on demand.

Tell me why starting your own new enterprise is risky? It's risky NOT to do it! Start now. Start small. Start smart, but just start.

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