Saturday, April 23, 2005

sales tales 1


The best sales people know how to shut up. They listen. They want to understand your needs first. Only then do the great ones start peddling.

Case in point... Very early in the history of Banner Graphics we decided to make a big bet and sign our little business up for a trade show at McCormick Place in Chicago. One of the biggest trade show venues in the world. A huge show with exhibitors from all over the world. We weren't betting the farm, but the barn, the back 40, and most of the seed corn were on the table. I was determined I was going to sell every single person that walked down our aisle.

Our booth was perhaps the worst looking, low budget booth in the history of McCormick place. However, the first day was pretty good. The pitch was in place and working. I was on a roll. I looked up late in the day and one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen in my life was waiting to talk. Dressed to the nines. Smiling at me and my handsome booth.

She was so pretty I almost couldn't talk. I took a long, long breath and launched into my pitch. Banners for promotion, banners for special events, banners for advertising your services. I just kept going and going. Her smile turned to a grin that kept getting wider. I kept talking.

When I stopped she did the most unexpected thing I could have imagined. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

She smiled in a way I'll never forget, handed me her card and walked off, saying, "I'll be back next year."

Her card read "Honey-Girl Escort Service"

My recommendation is that when you're with beautiful people or good sales prospects, just shut up.


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