Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rick's 3 key things for a sustainable enterprise

There's only three key things you need to focus on to keep your enterprise sustainable. Easy to remember too. I'll probably get drummed out of the start up club for telling you this deeply held secret stuff.

Most of us who've been through start ups a few times will tell you we've screwed it up six ways to Sunday and lost, or nearly lost everything we've bet because of three key issues. If somebody tells you they've been through start ups and haven't screwed up one of these three key issues, they're lying.


Rick's 3 key things for sustaining your business:
Cash flow, cash flow and cash flow.

Everything else in your enterprise can be hitting on all cylinders, but if cash flow goes bad my friend, I promise, you're out of the pool.

If you forget the second two, just remember the first. It's the most important. Don't tell anyone I told you.

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