Friday, June 01, 2007

Thanks Cardinal Stritch students

I did an entrepreneurship seminar with a great group of students from Cardinal Stritch University's Broookfield, WI campus one evening this week. As always, I come away from these student seminars smarter than when I went in.

It's inspiring to be around people of all ages that are looking for smart, sustainable solutions to doing enterprise.

There are so many hyped up start-your-own-business schemes that bombard the culture, it's really refreshing to be among people that reject that nonsense and want to get under the hood of start ups and get smart about it for themselves.

Best question of the night: How do start ups determine pricing?

I get smarter and feel more optimistic every time I do one of these seminars.

Thanks to the business program and my new friends from Cardinal Stritch University!

Cardinal Stritch University, College of Business, specializing in high quality, practical adult education

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