Friday, June 08, 2007

Entrepreneurship - building your resume

I'll tell anyone who asks that it's riskier NOT starting your own enterprise than it is starting one. I believe this is true for many reasons.

Blindly trusting your economic and personal security to idiot bosses, unexpected buyouts, plant closings, restructuring, and all the other unpleasantries of the free market seems damn risky to me.

I was scanning biz books at the library this morning and found a new reason to add to the list. This time, the reason is a positive one.

For those who have read these posts for a while, you'll know that I think most any book on business is worth scanning. If the majority of the book is not applicable but you get one good idea, then your time was well spent.

The book I found this quote in struck me as a good book to scan, but not one focused on micro entrepreneurs. It was called MBA in a Box, by Joel Kurtzman, a gentleman with some serious big business moxie.

The quote that did jump out as appropriate to the discussion of entrepreneurship was taken from Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin.

The quote was in a chapter titled, "Intellectual Capital, Not Financial Capital, Drives Value." Mr. Branson said this: "What I do best is finding good people and letting them work. Virgin staff are not merely hired hands. They are not managerial pawns in some gigantic chess game. They are entrepreneurs in their own right."

It strikes me that large corporations and big businesses are striving to become more entrepreneurial and value that trait in individuals more and more. If someone as bleeding edge as Richard Branson, who is soon to bring us private space travel, can promote the entrepreneurial ethic in large corporations then you, friend, are on the right path.

Starting your own enterprise establishes your credentials as an independent thinker and a creative risk taker.

Should you ever decide that you want or need to leave your start up, your entrepreneurial credentials will serve you well going forward.

Yet one more reason - on a long list of good reasons - to start your own enterprise.

Entrepreneurship builds your resume, no matter the outcome.

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