Friday, September 21, 2007

Want something good? Guy Kawasaki on evangelism

Even better, it's free.

The web seminar folks at WebEx have lined up Guy Kawasaki to do a presentation on the art of evangelism Next Tuesday Sept. 25 at 11 AM PDT - 1 PM CDT for my Great Lakes area startup friends.

For anyone who has worked with me on their startups or taken one of my courses they know that the main job of the entrepreneur is evangelizing.

It's a wonderful word and an even better day job.

The concept was likely around before Guy defined the role, but it's certainly never been the same since he helped bring the early Apple systems to life back in the day.

Birthing new enterprises and new products is the essence of entrepreneurship and there is no better evangelist drawing breath than Mr. Kawasaki.

This is free. Not sure if there is a limited registration, but I'd recommend registering ASAP.

As entrepreneurs, you'll be better off doing this than anything else you could put on your plate for that hour or so. I rarely say this, but, trust me on this one.

You need more Guy Kawasaki in your life and here's a great opportunity.

Guy Kawasaki's blog discussing this, with link to registration at WebEx

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